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College Admissions

Let us help you navigate through the complicated process of college admissions!

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More About College Admissions

At Fractal Math & Science Academy choose from one of our two full service packages or schedule individual sessions at an hourly rate if you only want assistance on a limited part of the process.  Counseling can begin at any point during or before the students’s high school years.

While Science and Math are our speciality – our admissions counseling is not limited to students just interested in the Sciences!

We specialize in helping students get into some of the best institutions, with a specific focus on helping students apply to the best colleges specializing in STEM, Engineering, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dental, Pre-Vet and the Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc.).

College Admissions Reviews

In addition to offering excellent customized tutoring, my son has greatly benefited from the comprehensive college counseling provided by Dan. Starting in junior year, Dan helped us navigate the scary world of preparing for college. By creating a calendar with important dates, helping to match career interests with appropriate schools, focused academic criteria, resume and essay preparation and much more, we are able to have tools and resources necessary every step of the way.

My son has worked with Fractal Academy tutors to prepare for several different tests including the SAT and the Math 2 and Chemistry SAT subject tests. What I love about Fractal is that they are not a big chain tutoring shop. The service you get is personal! They were willing to change my son’s tutoring time when he ran into conflicts with his busy extracurricular schedule. They were able to switch the focus of tutoring depending on what his needs were. Both Kevin and Dan are extremely knowledgeable about the content and the format of the exams. My son was very prepared! His scores were excellent and improved dramatically over just a few months. Couldn’t be happier!

I feel like Fractal Academy is a partner in the college application process with us. Whatever we need, they have someone who can help!