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MCAT Test Prep

The ultimate medical admissions test prep – MCAT preparation with three of the most highly ranked MCAT preparation tutors in the North-Eastern United States

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More About MCAT Test Prep Tutoring

Yayoi Kumata (Number 1 ranked MCAT instructor from Princeton Review in all Subject Areas) and Justina Mejias (CARS expert extraordinaire) have joined forces with Dr. Kevin W. Anderson (Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics Master and Passionate Pre-Med Educator) to offer the most precise and comprehensive one-on-one MCAT preparation!  We not only prepare you for the exam, we mentor and guide students to achieving their dream of being accepted into Medical School.

Private MCAT tutoring is offered at the Fractal Science & Math Academy Location in Montclair or online using Skype/Facetime and an interactive white board.

Working with Yayoi, Justina and Kevin at Fractal Academy has several advantages:

  • Excellent, proven instructors (see our reviews below)
  • One-on-One or Group Prep – as close to private tutoring as it gets!
  • Access to practice materials
  • Provided materials – we know the best prep materials out there and use a combination of resources to provide material that has been shown to make the biggest difference when exam time comes!
  • You will see that Yayoi, Justina and Kevin will go above and beyond to help students achieve all of their goals – this personal touch is what separates us from our competitors.

MCAT Test Prep Reviews

I worked with both Kevin and Justina to prepare for the MCAT, and they were extremely helpful, attentive, and supportive during every step of my prep! Kevin and Justina are intelligent, hard-working teachers who are passionate not only about the material they teach, but also about the success of their students. Kevin is awesome at explaining complex chemistry and physics concepts. Together we would go through passages and questions to ensure that I had not only a complete understanding of specific topics, but also a strategy to approach difficult problems. Justina is great at developing time-management and triage strategies for CARS; she took the time to go through each paragraph of every passage I went over with her to make sure I knew what to focus on and how best to utilize my time and knowledge. I honestly do not think I would have felt as confident and well-prepared as I did for my exam if I had not worked with them both. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is interested in taking the MCAT!

The tutors here are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and flexible with time. They answered all of the questions I had about MCAT content and I really enjoyed working with them!

Very attentive and personalized tutoring! I had Kevin, Yayoi, and Becca for MCAT tutoring and they all helped me tackle my weak points in every subject and thoroughly prepared me for my test. I highly recommend Fractal Academy if you are in need of good tutors!

Fractal academy was instrumental in helping me score above 90% percentile on my MCAT. Kevin, Yayoi, and Becca helped me boost my CP/Cars/ Biochem scores. They did not only know the material but also helped me to understand and approach it strategically. I highly recommend fractal academy!

Kevin was great! He tutored me for the MCAT, especially organic chemistry. We had a very short timeline, so that I could take an early test. He created a great structure that hit all the key components I needed, and distilled the concepts I found difficult into much simpler concepts. His homework reinforced those principles and I definitely saw my scores improve working with him! I highly recommend him.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Fractal Academy. Both Kevin and Yayoi were very calm and reassuring during the time I was with them. As the test drew closer they made sure I wasn’t too stressed. They also made sure I was doing well on the practice exams and we came up with test taking strategies specific to what I needed. Aside from just teaching the material they shared interesting factoids that were relevant to the topics that were being taught and we also shared several side conversations which made my overall learning experience enjoyable. Thanks to Kevin and Yayoi I was able to significantly boost my score on the MCAT and break into the double digits on all 3 sections, going from plateauing at 30 to moving up to a 33. This was something I was not able to do on my own nor had I even thought I could do in the first place. Both of them not only taught the material but gave me the confidence and ambition that not only would I score well but that I may even do better. It was clear during my time with them that Fractal goes above and beyond for each and every student. I remember Kevin even took time out of his lunch break to answer some of my questions! My experience with them still influences me today. Thanks to them I discovered different learning methods that I never considered or even knew worked very well for me. As I stated in the beginning, Fractal Academy is fantastic. Whether you are a student struggling in a certain subject or a student doing well, there is always room for improvement I highly recommend Fractal Academy and believe that they can bring you up to the next level.

After taking the MCAT once and not doing as well as I’d like, I went out to find a tutor who’d be able to help me. I found Kevin and chose him because of great reviews. I’ve worked with Kevin for about 6 months, in that time what Kevin has done for me is just outstanding. I went up 7 points in my retake on the MCAT, a substantial amount. Let’s begin with his values- he’s very flexible in his schedule, helps you understand a lot of information in a very easy to understand manner, and is truly a great educator. I have met but a handful of truly excellent educators in my continuing education, and I can say that Kevin is truly a great instructor. What makes him stand out from any other tutor are his teaching methods- he works out a problem out loud and shows you how he would approach a problem. Even if he doesn’t know the answer right away, he will work it out with you, step by step, until both Kevin and I are satisfied with the results. Kevin helped me specifically cover Chemistry, Organic Chem, Physics, and even some Biochemistry. Lastly, Kevin has a PhD from MIT, and you would never know unless you asked because he is one of the most humble and down to earth PhDs I have ever met (even after 4 years at Rutgers). I would highly recommend him for any subject he is willing to tutor because you will walk away highly impressed

Fractal Academy tutor Kevin worked this summer to provide structure to my daughter’s MCAT studies. He quickly assessed her weaknesses and addressed them at each lesson.  Kevin was able to relate to my daughter in a way that gave her confidence and this was our main goal for hiring him. I have encouraged my daughter to contact him even if she is up at school if she has tutoring needs, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality tutoring that produces results. My daughter takes the test in September and feels as if she is ready. Thanks Kevin

I could not even begin to say enough good things about Kevin’s tutoring skills – he is absolutely fantastic! He tutored my son for 2 semesters of organic chemistry and put together a tutorial for the MCAT. Never having used a tutor before, my son was hesitant to start, but immediately felt a connection with and found confidence in Kevin. Kevin was totally reliable, accessible, organized and patient. He is obviously so brilliant that he is able to take even the most complicated concepts and calmly break them down with reasonable explanations. Any time my son was feeling stress with his work, a session with Kevin would quickly alleviate his anxiety and give him the confidence to move forward. Beyond his intellectual skills, Kevin is a very kind, polite and approachable person. He relates extremely well with this age group.  I cannot imagine a more wonderful Science tutor than Kevin.

I had originally asked Kevin for help with MCAT Physics and Chemistry, but he was always willing to go the extra mile and often asked if he could answer any questions I had on other sections of MCAT practice tests as well, including Organic Chemistry. When I started with Kevin, I was desperate – anyone who has taken the MCATs knows that they aren’t pleasant, and I was determined to make this my last retake – and Kevin made learning all of the material as pleasant as possible. He constantly had new tips for me, was always patient, and never hesitated to spend an extra five or ten minutes over our allotted time to make sure that he was fully explaining a concept. I’m only sorry I didn’t find Kevin before my first exam – I understood and learned more with him than I did in my own studying AND my years of undergraduate chem and physics classes. I’d recommend him to anyone, any time! Kevin is the best!!

Kevin truly was my personal trainer during my MCAT preparations. I was pleasantly surprised when the first questions he asked me was “Do you stay physically active?” and “How is your sleep schedule?”. I have to say working out every other day and sticking to a strict sleep and work schedule, as he suggested, played a large role in my success. The majority of my success was the result of his creative tutoring style that showed me the why and how behind complex ideas and formulas in physics, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. I constantly struggled in my chemistry courses at college, but after working with Kevin I was confident in my abilities to approach any chemistry problem because he taught me how to approach and conceptualize a myriad of chemistry questions. The more I learned from Kevin, the more I followed and adapted to his thought process. Soon enough I was seamlessly interweaving concepts between physics, biology, and chemistry. After only two months of working with Kevin, I was confident and calm on the day of my MCAT. I recommend Kevin’s tutoring services to anyone who wants a less stressful and more efficient way to succeed on the MCATs