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Imagine …

  • Being a part of a STEM community
  • Increasing your math skills
  • Participating in Engineering Design Challenges
  • Receiving help and enrichment in the Sciences and Mathematics
  • Making friendships with other kids who have common interests
  • Having fun in a comfortable atmosphere

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Fractal Science and Math Academy was founded by an MIT-trained Ph.D. scientist who left his career in pharmaceuticals to make a difference in science and math education.  His vision and passion for education attracted other like-minded professionals, including former math and science teachers, engineers, and scientists, who all turned out to have one thing in common: we were all inspired to pursue STEM fields as kids.  As such, we recognize the importance of engaging young minds and showing them the excitement in studying the natural world!  Thus, Fractal After School was born!

Fractal After School includes many components, designed to attract not only the kid who wants to be two grades ahead in math, but also the kid who wants to show up on Fridays to partake in the Engineering Design Challenges.

What is available at Fractal After School?

  • Math & Science HW Help – Factoring quadratic equations?  Understanding the inner workings of the atom?  There’s no question the Fractal Team can’t handle!  We are scientists and engineers by trade, and patience is our virtue.  Don’t go home without getting all your questions answered.
  • Math Enrichment Activities – Whether you feel as if you’re two chapters behind, or you’re right on track and would like to propel yourself beyond the classroom, participate in guided instruction to help you excel.


Test Prep

SAT, ACT, SAT II & AP Science/Math, MCAT, DAT, ISEE, GRE, Praxis



At Fractal, In Home, or Online using Interactive Whiteboard & Skype.



Free Saturdays in the Lab and STEMentorship.



Innovative After School, Summer, Year-Round Programs!



Course selection, career preparation, and college admissions guidance.

A few of our most Popular Classes


Fractal Academy Testimonials

Deborah G
Deborah G

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

My son has worked with Fractal Academy tutors to prepare for several different tests including the SAT and the Math 2 and Chemistry SAT subject tests. What I love about Fractal is that they are not a big chain tutoring shop. The service you get is personal! They were willing to change my son's tutoring time when he ran into conflicts with his busy extracurricular schedule. They were able to switch the focus of tutoring depending on what his needs were. Both Kevin and Dan are extremely knowledgeable about the content and the format of the exams. My son was very prepared! His scores were excellent and improved dramatically over just a few months. Couldn't be happier!

I feel like Fractal Academy is a partner in the college application process with us. Whatever we need, they have someone who can help!

Paul G
Paul G

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Kevin’s a great guy, he knows EVERYTHING about Organic Chemistry. Fractal Academy is an awesome tutoring center and I continued to work with Kevin through skype after going back to college. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get that extra boost in their studies.

Marissa Heyer
Marissa Heyer

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I worked with both Kevin and Justina to prepare for the MCAT, and they were extremely helpful, attentive, and supportive during every step of my prep! Kevin and Justina are intelligent, hard-working teachers who are passionate not only about the material they teach, but also about the success of their students. Kevin is awesome at explaining complex chemistry and physics concepts. Together we would go through passages and questions to ensure that I had not only a complete understanding of specific topics, but also a strategy to approach difficult problems. Justina is great at developing time-management and triage strategies for CARS; she took the time to go through each paragraph of every passage I went over with her to make sure I knew what to focus on and how best to utilize my time and knowledge. I honestly do not think I would have felt as confident and well-prepared as I did for my exam if I had not worked with them both. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is interested in taking the MCAT!

Allison Poles
Allison Poles

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

The tutors here are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and flexible with time. They answered all of the questions I had about MCAT content and I really enjoyed working with them!

Jay M
Jay M

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

I sought out help from Kevin for my MCAT preparation. I had taken the test once before and had scored poorly, but Kevin was confident that we would be able to get my score up to my desired range. I had always struggled with Math and Physics and this is where Kevin helped me the most. Physics concepts became simpler and I had wished that I had known about Kevin when I was taking these courses in college. Kevin and I systematically tackled every chem and physics topic that was tested on the MCAT and broke down test questions which I previously would never have been able to get right.
For bio, I worked with Yayoi who simplified biochemistry and highlighted important concepts to remember. She also helped me with testing strategies which I was able to apply to the CARS and psych sections as well.
Long story short, with the help of Kevin and Yayoi, I was able to increase my MCAT score by an incredible 16 points and was able to get accepted to my top choice medical schools. Words can’t describe the impact Kevin and Yayoi made on my application. I only wish I had found Fractal sooner!

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