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Enrichment Programs at Fractal Academy Montclair – Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Enrichment Brochure

Premier PSAT, SAT, SAT II (Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology), ACT, and ISEE Prep-Middle and Upper Levels (Year Round)

At Fractal Academy, we are strong believers that adequate test preparation and strategy are vital to improving scores on the exam and we are here to help. Offered in both classroom course format and private one-on-one instruction (in person or online), this prescriptive course of study will be sure to give you the Fractal advantage!

ISEE Prep (Math and/or Verbal) – According to your schedule; Personally Tailored

SAT I Prep – According to your schedule; Personally Tailored

PSAT Prep – According to your schedule; Personally Tailored

Text or Call (862) 500-1101 Email us Now to Book!

SAT Math Challenge and SAT Verbal Challenge – $200 All Inclusive per course

The SAT Math Challenge is a 5 session course at Fractal Academy in which we will prepare you for the Math and/or Verbal Section of the SATs. We will give you a diagnostic SAT section, follow it with 5 weeks of prep including homework, and administer a final SAT post-test. The sky is the limit! (Figuratively speaking…literally 800 is the limit.) All inclusive cost is $200 per course! See schedule below. As the courses fill up, we will add new sections by demand.


Math Cohort 5: In time for the November 7 SATSundays 9/27 Pre-test 12-1:15, 10/4 12-1pm, 10/11 12-1pm, 10/18 12-1pm, 10/25 12-1pm, 11/1 last class & post-test 12-1:45pm

Verbal Cohort 2: In time for the November 7 SATSundays 9/27 Pre-test 1:30-2:45, 10/4 1-2pm, 10/11 1-2pm, 10/18 1-2pm, 10/25 1-2pm, 11/1 last class & post-test 1-2:45pm

Math Cohort 6: In time for the January 23 SATSundays 11/22 Pre-test 12-1:15, 12/6 12-1pm, 12/13 12-1pm, 12/20 12-1pm, 1/10 12-1pm, 1/17 last class & post-test 12-1:45pm

Verbal Cohort 3: In time for the January 23 SATSundays 11/22 Pre-test 1:30-2:45, 12/6 1-2pm, 12/13 1-2pm, 12/20 1-2pm, 1/10 1-2pm, 1/17 last class & post-test 1-2:45pm

Math Cohort 7: In time for the March 5 REDESIGNED SATSundays 1/24 Pre-test 12-1:15, 1/31 12-1pm, 2/7 12-1pm, 2/14 12-1pm, 2/21 12-1pm, 2/28 last class & post-test 12-1:45pm

Verbal Cohort 4: In time for the March 5 REDESIGNED SATSundays 1/24 Pre-test 1:30-2:45, 1/31 1-2pm, 2/7 1-2pm, 2/14 1-2pm, 2/21 1-2pm, 2/28 last class & post-test 1-2:45pm

Math Cohort 8: In time for the June 4 REDESIGNED SATSundays 4/10 Pre-test 12-1:15, 4/17 12-1pm, 4/24 12-1pm, 5/1 12-1pm, 5/15 12-1pm, 5/22 last class & post-test 12-1:45pm

Verbal Cohort 5: In time for the June 4 REDESIGNED SATSundays 4/10 Pre-test 1:30-2:45, 4/17 1-2pm, 4/24 1-2pm, 5/1 1-2pm, 5/15 1-2pm, 5/22 last class & post-test 1-2:45pm

*If you are taking both the Math and Verbal Challenges on Sundays, you may notice a conflict during the post-test. What you may do is take one 25 minute Math section of the post-test, attend the last Verbal class, and then finish the other two sections of the Math post-test after the Verbal post-test. This means your last day will be 12-3:40pm

See results of past cohorts HERE

Book SAT Math or Verbal Challenge Now!

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Saturdays in the Lab (Grades 1-8; Fall 2015 – Spring 2016) $10 per Saturday

Science with a purpose! Saturday in the Lab is designed by Fractal Academy as a one-hour weekend program to introduce older elementary and middle school level children to the kind of labs they will eventually be doing in high school. Learn to think like a scientist in doing these interesting, inquiry-based labs.

Dates: 9/26, 10/31, 11/21/2015 – 9-10:10AM for Grades 1-4, 10:30-11:40AM for Grades 5-8

Book Saturdays in the Lab Now!

Text or Call (862) 500-1101 Email us Now to Book!

Junior First Lego League (Ages 6-9); Senior First Lego League Team Prep (Ages 9-14; Fall 2015) – $199 for Junior and $280 for Senior

We are excited to form a competitive team in which we will meet once a week and prepare for the First Lego League regional competition, hosted in nearby Clifton. In September of each year, Lego releases a challenge that focuses on a real-world topic related to the sciences; the challenge centers on that theme. The robotics part of the competition (for Seniors) focuses on designing and programming Lego Mindstorm robots to complete tasks. The students work out solutions to the problems and compete at a regional tournament to share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robot.

Junior First LEGO League$199 – Cancelled due to Low Enrollment

Senior First LEGO League$280 – 9/13 thru 12/6/2015 (excl. 11/29) Sundays 11AM-12PM

Sign up for Lego League Now!

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Stock Monkeys (Grades 4-8) – $399 – Cancelled due to Low Enrollment – Stay tuned for Summer 2016

UnderArmour, Urban Outfitters, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter are more than just great fashion and cool technologies, they’re awesome stocks, too! In this course, you will learn the basics of investing through equities and mutual funds, and lots of terminology (“going long” will no longer apply to just football!). You will create a mock investment portfolio and track its success over various time periods, evaluating and improving your strategies as you go. Look out, Warren Buffett!

Text or Call (862) 500-1101 Email us Now to Book!

Kangaroo Math Competition Prep (Grades 1-7; Fall 2015 – Spring 2016)

The Math Kangaroo is an international mathematical competition that more than 40 countries and 5,000,000 students compete in. Held at the end of March, we offer a comprehensive seven month preparatory program that will strengthen your problem-solving strategies for the competition, and will enhance your skills for your regular school-based math and science classes. All participants will receive a t-shirt, diploma, and special memento. Class sizes are capped at 7 to ensure maximum quality, and are classified based on grade level.

Kangaroo Math International Competition and Problem Solving

Grade 1-2 $399 (entire season) – Cancelled due to Low Enrollment

Grades 3-4$449 (entire season) – Sundays – 9/13-3/17/2016 (excl. 11/29, 12/27, 1/3, and 2/14), 10-11AM – Competition Thursday 3/17/2016

Grades 5-7$499 (entire season) – Cancelled due to Low Enrollment

Book Kangaroo Math Prep Now!

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Amusement Park Math and Science (Grades 1-4, 5-8) – $399

How fast do you need to be moving in order to prevent falling out of the Loop de Loop? At Great Adventure, why are you strapped in from the top on Superman and Medusa, while El Toro has you strapped in by the waist? What’s your centripetal acceleration on the Teacup ride at Disney? In this course, we will answer all of these questions and more, as we explore amusement park rides like Kingda Ka, and question how they work. The math and science applications will come easily once the basic concepts of inertia, momentum, and Newton’s Laws are introduced. This course will culminate in a field trip to Great Adventure. Get ready for a wild ride!

Running again in Summer 2016!!

Text or Call (862) 500-1101 Email us Now to Book!

3D Mania (Grades 2-8); AutoCad/3D Design (Grades 8-12)

3D printing has widespread applications including the automotive, aerospace, medical industries, and many more. In this course, you will create a design file which is a mathematical description of a 3D object. Get your 3D printing idea off of paper and into you hand!

3D Mania Grades 3-8 – Sundays 9/13 to 12/13/2015 (excl. 11/29) – 12-1PM – $399

AutoCad and 2D/3D Design – run as one-on-one or group sessions with Master Reggie!

Book 3D Mania or AutoCad/3D Design Now!

Text or Call (862) 500-1101 Email us Now to Book!

*A $100 deposit is required to secure a spot in the each and every course – courses are limited to 10 students maximum.


Test Prep

SAT, ACT, SAT II & AP Science/Math, MCAT, DAT, ISEE, GRE, Praxis



At Fractal, In Home, or Online using Interactive Whiteboard & Skype.



Free Saturdays in the Lab and STEMentorship.



Innovative After School, Summer, Year-Round Programs!



Course selection, career preparation, and college admissions guidance.

A few of our most Popular Classes


Fractal Academy Testimonials

Courtney Lynch
Courtney Lynch

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

As a second bachelor's degree student working full-time and taking night classes, and having majored in English the first time around, I thought there was no way I could pass Organic Chemistry. But thanks to Kevin, I not only passed but I got an A in the class. Sessions with Kevin were so efficient and so helpful that he made sense of everything I learned over the course of three or four weeks in about two hours. Combined, Kevin's time management skills and vast knowledge of organic chem (and tips for memorizing and understanding the material) make him an awesome tutor. I don't know how I could have gotten through the class without him.

Roger Karapin
Roger Karapin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

We found this to be effective one-on-one tutoring for SAT and ACT tests.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

In addition to offering excellent customized tutoring, my son has greatly benefited from the comprehensive college counseling provided by Dan. Starting in junior year, Dan helped us navigate the scary world of preparing for college. By creating a calendar with important dates, helping to match career interests with appropriate schools, focused academic criteria, resume and essay preparation and much more, we are able to have tools and resources necessary every step of the way.

Deborah G
Deborah G

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

My son has worked with Fractal Academy tutors to prepare for several different tests including the SAT and the Math 2 and Chemistry SAT subject tests. What I love about Fractal is that they are not a big chain tutoring shop. The service you get is personal! They were willing to change my son's tutoring time when he ran into conflicts with his busy extracurricular schedule. They were able to switch the focus of tutoring depending on what his needs were. Both Kevin and Dan are extremely knowledgeable about the content and the format of the exams. My son was very prepared! His scores were excellent and improved dramatically over just a few months. Couldn't be happier!

I feel like Fractal Academy is a partner in the college application process with us. Whatever we need, they have someone who can help!

Paul G
Paul G

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

Kevin’s a great guy, he knows EVERYTHING about Organic Chemistry. Fractal Academy is an awesome tutoring center and I continued to work with Kevin through skype after going back to college. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get that extra boost in their studies.

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